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Story by Erin Foley
“We feel the academics are exceptional, but more importantly, the teachers, staff and leaders are very involved with the students’ learning…” --Lori Reimers, Blessed Sacrament parent

The Reimers Family, Blessed Sacrament School

Built on a six-acre parcel on Laurel Street between Glenwood and Walnut, Blessed Sacrament School was open for occupancy on August 31, 1925. The last payment for the school was made in October of 1928. That same month, Monsignor Michael A.Tarrent announced a campaign to raise funds to build a church. Within three days of the announcement, the success of the campaign was assured with pledges from parishioners totaling $211,825 – a whopping sum and a testament of enormous faith during the onset of the Great Depression. Ground was broken for the church in March of 1929 and the magnificent Gothic edifice itself became another symbol of great faith in the heart of the neighborhood.

Today, Blessed Sacrament still evokes the feeling of yesteryear, with so many of its parishioners living within its boundaries; their lives intertwined by church, school, neighborhood and history. This suits Lori and Scott Reimers just fine.

“We absolutely love living in the Blessed Sacrament neighborhood on Holmes Avenue” says Lori. “The kids walk back and forth to school every day. Many of their friends from school – and ours, as well – live right here, too. It’s a very unique and special environment. Our kids are very blessed to spend their childhood in a neighborhood parish and school like Blessed Sacrament.”

Lori and Scott have lived in Springfield for 21 years. They met while working at the Capitol after college graduation.

Scott grew up in Northern Lake County and earned his Bachelors degree in Political Science from Northern Illinois University, and his Masters in Public Administration from University of Illinois, Springfield.

Lori is from Ramsey, Illinois and holds a Bachelors degree in History from Milliken University and a Masters in Historical Administration from Eastern Illinois University.

Both work in government relations. Scott has recently been hired as the Assistant Vice-President of State Relations for the Illinois State Medical Society, where he advocates on behalf of physicians among state government officials. Previously, Scott worked as the Chief of Staff for the House Republican Caucus with House Republican leader Jim Durkin.

Lori runs her own government relations and consulting business, Lori Reimers Government Consulting & Reporting, where she offers both government relations consulting for clients, as well as public relations services, including grassroots development, communications & reporting, and media advocacy.

Lori and Scott began attending Blessed Sacrament when Scott moved into his first house on Holmes Avenue. Many friends and neighbors who were already parishioners urged them to join the church, “so we had a lot of influence” Lori says.

They were married at Blessed Sacrament and their two children were baptized there.

“Then Bishop Vann asked us to serve on the History in Our Hands – Faith in Our Hearts capital campaign to restore the church in 2004, and we contributed to the public relations portion of supporting the campaign, successfully raising $2.2 million” says Lori.

She and Scott then joined Fr. David Hoefler in serving as co-chairpersons of the Steering and Advisory Committee for the next capital campaign, raising $5.4 million for expanding the church and school campus with new facilities, including the full-sized gymnasium. Lori continues to serve on the Development Advisory Committee and is grateful that she can use her professional talents to help the parish.

Although Lori and Scott did not attend Catholic school, they agreed that they wanted their children to have that opportunity. Both kids attend Blessed Sacrament School. Sophie (age 12, 7th grade) loves science and computer class. She plays volleyball on a school team and soccer outside of school. She sings in Blessed Sacrament’s Jubilate Choir, dances and loves being involved in the school’s Builders Club. She also enjoys baking and has become very good at it, according to her mother.

Andrew (age 11, 6th grade) plays hockey and is a cross-country athlete. He enjoys Legos and playing Nerf games with the neighborhood kids. He is a member of Blessed Sacrament’s Boy Scout Troop 31.

“Having attended [Blessed Sacrament School] since they were three and in preschool, it feels very much like home to them” says Lori. “Both have a very loving school spirit for BSS.”

Sophie and Andrew have literally grown up with their teachers, the staff and many of their classmates, and have built very close relationships. With so many friends from school nearby, finding other kids to play with is never difficult.

Lori acknowledges that “the support that Blessed Sacrament provides to our children’s religious development makes what we do in faith as a family even stronger, including going to and participating in Masses during the week, sharing in Adoration, partaking in the sacraments, and learning about our Catholic faith.”

With Catholic values as the basis for everything from art projects to music to writing assignments, as well as sports and other activities, the focus on faith is evident in every aspect of school.

“Blessed Sacrament’s environment is very nourishing in building a family environment. We feel the academics are exceptional, but more importantly, the teachers, staff and leaders are very involved with each of the students’ learning and are very open to communicating and helping our children push themselves to do their best in everything” says Lori. “There are so many relationship-building events and activities that allow all the parish to become involved in and know each other.”

In particular, the Reimers family enjoys the Lenten fish fries, the Pastor’s Annual Party, the Mardi Gras celebration and the school’s annual auction.

“It is definitely more than just a school – it’s a place for families to be supported and have fun together. Scott and I have made some of our closest friendships within Blessed Sacrament” Lori says.

Moving to Holmes Avenue was fortunate for the Reimers family. It led to the right church, the right school and to many good friendships. Their gratitude has inspired them to give back and to become modern-day stewards of a legacy that keeps faith at the heart of the neighborhood.
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