The Stotlar Family - ST. ALOYSIUS SCHOOL
Story by Erin Foley
“Scott and I attended Catholic grade schools and high schools and believe we
received the best education possible…” --Kelly Stotlar, St. Aloysius parent

The Stotlar Family, St. Aloysius School

The lessons your parents try to teach you as a kid don’t necessarily sink in at the intended time. But then one day when you have kids of your own, they surface seemingly out of the blue, making perfect sense.

“We feel like we are raising our children a lot like we were raised as children” says Kelly Stotlar, referring to herself and her husband, Scott Stotlar. “We were blessed with parents who were instrumental in our successes as students and athletes and pushed us to be the best we could be.”

The couple is following this noteworthy example of nurturing excellence by providing “every opportunity for our children to be successful adults” according to Kelly.

Their idea of success begins with a good education. Daughters Kendall, (age eight/second grade), Kolbie (age five/Pre-K), and son Caden (age three/Pre-School) have been attending St. Aloysius since the girls were enrolled in 2013.

Kendall enjoys PE with Mrs. Pryer and Art with Mrs. Bailey. She likes making projects with her classmates, enjoys all school activities and cherishes her friends and teacher, Mrs. Dockter. She plays Pee Wee basketball at school. Outside of school she swims, plays softball, draws and colors and spends time with her five cousins and her friends.

Kolbie likes Music with Mrs. Pryer, and Math centers. Calendar, carpet time and reading are also favorite activities. She likes her friends in Ms. Mandeville’s room and is excited to start kindergarten. She plays Pee Wee basketball at school and also likes to swim and play in her yard. She is looking forward to playing t-ball this summer.

Caden likes any class where he can play with friends. He also enjoys going out to recess, playing with cars, and calendar time and centers with his friends in Mrs. Adams’ class. Outside of school, he plays baseball and football with his dad.

“We believe in giving our children a faith-filled learning environment where they are able to attend Mass and talk about God with their peers. Scott and I attended Catholic grade schools and high schools and believe we received the best education possible and would like to provide that for our children” says Kelly.

Scott grew up in Springfield and was a student at St. Aloysius and SHG (Class of 1999). He attended Springfield College and the University of North Carolina, Asheville. For ten years he has been a firefighter with the Springfield Fire Department. Kelly -- born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma until third grade -- moved to Springfield and finished grade school at Little Flower. She graduated from Ursuline in 2000 and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Blackburn College. She is a real estate broker with The Real Estate Group.

The Stotlars have been St. Aloysius parishioners since 2006. Scott is the Assistant Athletic Director and coaches Pre-K and second grade Pee Wee basketball, as well as fifth grade boys’ basketball. He is also involved in the St. Aloysius Men’s Club and volunteers at many school fundraisers. Kelly is PTO president this year and a room parent for the Pre-K classroom. She organizes and works several fundraisers and book fairs, and volunteers her time whenever needed.

“It is almost hard to put into words how much we love St. Aloysius School. Not only are our children receiving the best education possible, they are loved and cared for every day by the amazing faculty and staff. St. Aloysius provides that school family atmosphere that we want for our children. We have met some of our best friends here at St. Aloysius” Kelly says.

The Stotlars are sincerely grateful for all of the blessings in their lives.

“Scott and I are extremely grateful for three healthy children who are full of life and energy. We are grateful to have jobs we love that help provide for our family” says Kelly.

Above all, they are grateful, too, for the lessons their parents taught by example long ago, which have informed their own parenting skills and paved the way for their children’s success.
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